A Breath of Life: Pulsations (Paperback)

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A mystical dialogue between a male author (a thinly disguised Clarice Lispector) and his/her creation, a woman named Angela, this posthumous work has never before been translated. Lispector did not even live to see it published.

At her death, a mountain of fragments remained to be structured by Olga Borelli. These fragments form a dialogue between a god-like author who infuses the breath of life into his creation: the speaking, breathing, dying creation herself, Angela Pralini. The work s almost occult appeal arises from the perception that if Angela dies, Clarice will have to die as well. And she did.

Product Details ISBN-10: 0811219623
ISBN-13: 9780811219624
Published: New Directions Publishing Corporation
Pages: 167
Language: English