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A Dance to the Music of Time: A Question of Upbringing

We're launching our new online book discussion group with A Question of Upbringing, the first installment of Anthony Powell's epic A Dance to the Music of Time. Even if you haven't started reading yet, it's not too late to get on board.

The book introduces us to narrator Nicholas Jenkins and a handful of his friends and relations. We meet Stringham and Templer, his roommates at school, and then their officious headmaster Le Bas, who becomes the subject of a prank orchestrated by Stringham. As the young men leave school and head into adulthood, they start to move in different directions, with the cynical Templer taking a finance job in the City. Jenkins summers in France, where he dabbles in unrequited romance and re-encounters another fellow student, the dogged but inelegant Widmerpool....Read more

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