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Miriam and Marni Text About The Girl Before by J.P. Delaney

The challenge of finding a decent apartment in a good neighborhood at a reasonable price is enough to scare anyone, but that’s only the beginning of the premise of J.P. Delaney’s new much-hyped thriller, The Girl Before. Every year the publishing industry looks for “the next Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train,” and The Girl Before is the first book in 2017 that’s getting that hype. It’s already filling the prerequisites: “girl” in the title, optioned by Universal with Ron Howard on board to direct, and adoring blurbs from the biggest names in the thriller genre (Lee Child’s quote graces all the promotional material: “Dazzling, startling, and above all cunning–a pitch-perfect novel of psychological suspense.”)

The Girl Before jumps between two narrators: Jane, in the present, and Emma, the “girl before.” Both find the solution to their housing problem in the modern and minimalistic London house designed and built by famous architect Edward Monkford. The rent is affordable but there is a catch: the tenant must complete a rigorous questionnaire and agree to abide by strict rules of living, then receive the architect’s approval. The first line of Monkford’s questionnaire is: “Please make a list of every possession you consider essential to your life.” ... continued