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The Rules Do Not Apply–To Reading

Have you ever read a book and said to yourself, “This is a great book and I’m enjoying it, but why in the world am I reading this right now in my life?”

That’s what I was asking myself as I zipped through Ariel Levy’s new memoir, The Rules Do Not Apply. I read it all in a six-hour plane ride two weeks ago, sitting with my much-put-upon and hardworking husband, an almost-two-year-old who wouldn’t nap, and my 4-year-old twins–one whining and the other sporadically puking into a barf bag. The barf bag was a huge step up from puking all over herself–an event on nearly every flight since the twins’s birth. I considered the barf bag a win. Oh and did I mention I was also 28 weeks pregnant? So you know it was a page-turner if I managed to read the whole thing under those conditions. Even the utter chaos couldn’t keep me from turning the pages. I’m not sure how I did it, actually, but I was hooked ... continued