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Authenticity and Rejection: Part Two of the Interview with Kira Jane Buxton

In the last installment of my interview with Hollow Kingdom author Kira Jane Buxton, I focused on the environmentalism and passion that fueled Kira’s characters and plot. We discussed her research on the theories of what would happen if humans died off, the plot of her novel, and the resiliency of the earth. Her love of animals, especially birds, and even more particularly crows, was evident as she fed the crows that surrounded us during our last interview.

I also want to share how her passion for writing influenced her publishing process. Like many authors, Kira didn’t find an easy path to publishing. The journey she took was inspirational, challenging, and genuine. I adored her honesty and her complete joy for the success she has had, which is why I decided it was important to publish this section of the interview as well… continued.