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Climate Crisis, Jungle Ettiquette, and Peanuts: Part One of the Interview with Author Kira Jane Buxton

A sunny afternoon in late July on the Kirkland waterfront is hard to beat. Even better is the presence of a fantastic conversationalist… and an aperol sprtiz! My interview with Kira Jane Buxton was perhaps one of the easiest experiences I have had through writing blogs for Island Books. I’ve known I wanted to interview her for the blog since I read Hollow Kingdom in January, but what began as a chat about her research for her debut novel turned into a two hour conversation about our work, our writing practices, and environmentalism.

Hollow Kingdom follows a crow, ST, attempting to make sense of a world without his beloved humans when a horrible virus has turned all its homo sapiens into mortuus vivens. Set in Seattle, the landscape ST navigates is new, treacherous, and decidedly less full of pop-culture references. It touches on what it means to be human, an animal, and a citizen of this planet. This book is uniquely fit for me because it simultaneously speaks to my sense of humor, takes place in my home, and fills me with awe for the creatures around me. It is special, and I was excited to champion it... continued.