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Detour Along the Way to Enlightenment

When you work in retail, it’s inevitable that strange things will happen from time to time. Bookstores are probably less susceptible to such encounters than most other kinds of shops, but I’ve seen my share of weirdness. Quite often when I worked at a different, hyper-urban spot, not so much in recent years. However friendly and suburban it is, though, even Mercer Island is subject to the occasional odd visitation.

A couple of months ago a guy came in asking about the Tao Te Ching, A text both religious and philosophical that dates back to the Chinese Zhuangzi period in the 4th century BCE, it’s not something I’ve ever read, but I know what it is and where we shelve it. I took him to the right section and pointed it out, whereupon he took issue with the version we had on offer. I could see his point ... continued