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Ender's Game: Coming Soon To Theaters Near You

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card came out when I was seven. My brother was obsessed with the book, and like any bratty younger sister, I refused to read it on the simple principle that he liked it so much. I also dismissed the entire genre of science fiction back then, after struggling to understand the hype about Frank Herbert’s Dune and failing miserably. (Should I try that one again 20-some years later? Feel free to speak up. Maybe I was just too young to understand it.)

In any case, my brother is a persistent guy, and a few years later he wore me down by writing a long inscription and gifting me my very own copy of Ender’s Game. It was probably my high school graduation or some such event, which my brother used to liken me to Ender. “You too are heroic,” he wrote, and with that kind of flattery I had no choice but to continue reading.

Dune became an absolutely terrible movie back in the 80s, but until now, no one has tried to butcher Ender’s Game. Although the film won’t be out until November 1st, the first trailer just started making the rounds....Read More