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Fictional Houses

My husband and I have a passion for fixing up houses. We started on our old Capitol Hill home, and in fact it was one of the greatest bonding exercises at the beginning of our marriage. Since we bought our Mercer Island fixer-upper, we’ve spent every possible waking moment working on it. Three years later I can look around and think, I remember the Sunday morning we woke up early and just decided to paint that wall purple, or I can’t believe how many times we stayed up late browsing the internet and pondering that light fixture. The house is already much more than a house—it’s a physical representation of memories that remind us of the good life we’ve built together.

I’ve had houses on my mind lately, maybe because of a house for sale on West Mercer Way. It’s a 1910 historic Mercer Island home, known as the Symphony House, and I often admired the gardens when I drive past it. Someone mentioned that the house’s original kitchen used to be in the basement, à la Downton Abbey, to accommodate the servants. That alone set my mind spinning with all kinds of possible stories. So this week I’ve been pondering some books that feature a home as one of the major characters. Here are a few that have always appealed to me....Read More

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