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Holidays and the Uncanny

Hi everyone!

I’m Kelleen. You can recognize me by my very curly and very rainbow-colored hair. I graduated from Lewis & Clark College down in Portland with a degree in English with a concentration in dance. I tend to work in the children’s section, but I read many different things!

Yes, the uncanny is a slightly strange topic for the warmth and joy of the winter holiday season, but stick with me. Unlike the bright openness of summer and spring, fall and winter are seasons of quietude, darkness, and slumber. I most certainly hibernate in my off time. With said hibernation comes lots of reading, and the reading I have chosen of late has been quite unnerving.

Perhaps in a run-off from Halloween season, I have been reading quite a few books that focus on liminal spaces. Even into the winter holidays, this trend continues. Books like Alice Isn’t DeadThe Hole, and Melmoth all focus on the places where our brains become unsure of the solidity of reality. In our everyday lives, Moments like standing still in the dull quiet of snowy nights, walking through the sweet perfume of rotting leaves, and falling asleep next to a hot fire with eyes slightly open all have the liminal anxiety of the unreal ... continued