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I Am So Excited: Nancy Pearl Is Coming to Island Books

About a year ago and newly pregnant, I left my husband alone to put then-only-three kids to bed (thanks, Daniel) and drove to Seattle for an intimate dinner with debut author Alexandra Oliva. In order to promote The Last One, her new dystopian novel about a Survivor-like reality show gone wrong, Alexandra’s publisher invited a small number of local booksellers to come and meet her (thanks for including me, David Glenn). I had already read the book and knew Alexandra had just moved to the area, so I was looking forward to the introduction and getting out of the house for a dinner that was not mac and cheese or chicken nuggets.

As I looked at the Evite one last time to check the restaurant’s address, I noticed on the rsvp that Nancy Pearl was on the yes list. I had heard Nancy speak at a past Literary Lions gala and greatly admired her. What luck I’d get to meet her in person too.

Side note: in case you don’t know who Nancy Pearl is, she’s a nationally-celebrated librarian and lifelong reader. She regularly speaks about the value of reading at libraries and library conferences, and for literacy organizations and community groups. Nancy can be found on KUOW in Seattle, KWGS in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin Public Radio talking about books and reading. Her monthly television show, Book Lust with Nancy Pearl, on the Seattle Channel features interviews with authors, poets, and other literary figures. Among her many honors are the 2011 Librarian of the Year Award from Library Journal and the 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award from the PNW Booksellers Association. Nancy is the creator of the internationally recognized program If All of Seattle Read the Same Book, and was the inspiration for the Archee McPhee “Librarian Action Figure.” If the library world has a rock star–Nancy Pearl is it ... continued