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The Mystery of the Great Book Giveaway

Alan Bradley is a Canadian writer who didn’t publish his first novel until 2009, when he was about to turn 70. That’s a slow-starting career by most standards, but he’s made up ground since, producing a new book each new year. 2018 is no exception—today is the release date of The Grave’s a Fine and Private Place, the ninth in an ongoing series. Cutting to the chase: you should buy it. If you already knew about Alan Bradley, you were probably planning on doing just that. If his name is new to you, you may need some convincing, which is what I’m here to supply. And I’ll back up my argument with an offer: take a chance on this latest mystery and get a chance to win them all. Nine books for the price of one! What a bargain.

Free books are no bargain if they aren’t any good, of course, but Alan Bradley’s are far more than “any good.“ They’re excellent, and as regular Message in a Bottle readers may know, I don’t say that about many mysteries ... continued