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New from Curtis Sittenfeld

Sometimes we choose books because we like the premise. Sometimes the cover captivates our imagination. Sometimes, we are just hopelessly devoted to the author. Most of the time, we go with a recommendation from a trusted source, be it a friend, a book club, or a bookseller. If we’re particularly lucky, our reading choices fulfill all of those criteria.

Curtis Sittenfeld’s first novel came to me via a friend’s enthusiastic recommendation back in 2005. Prep had everything going for it according to my taste: the simple and original white cover cinched by a pink and green web belt, the boarding school coming-of-age description, and my friend’s tattered and free copy that she claimed to have stayed up all night reading because she couldn’t put it down. Who doesn’t love that delicious anticipation and confidence that you’re about to read something really really good? And I did. Prep blew me away. It was even better than I had hoped, and that happens so rarely in life (with books, meals, relationships, and so on), that I’ll never forget it. Which is why I continued to recommend Prep for years, although that changed when Sittenfeld’s third novel, American Wife, came out in 2008. Then I switched to pushing American Wife over Prep because it was even better....Read More

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