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Opposites Attract: Interview with Doug Walsh, Author of Tailwinds Past Florence

Doug Walsh and I met up in Convivial Cafe, right next Island Books, to discuss his recently released novel Tailwinds Past Florence. It was the Friday before the Snowpocalypse, so while the temperatures were dropping, we laughed about the impending forecast of snow. Luckily, in the friendly surroundings of Convivial, we were able to discuss his worldwide bike trip, the historical inspirations for his book, and what he is working on next.

Tailwinds Past Florence follows a couple’s decision to cycle around the world as a last ditch attempt to save their disintegrating marriage. Edward, an venture capitalist, and Kara, a visual artist, attempt to forge tighter bonds on the epic journey, but are constantly foiled by the manifesting truths of their past together. Edward, ever concerned about returning to his professional career agrees to a contest with an CEO of a venture capital firm that would cut their trip into a sixth of their planned time for a job back in Seattle. As he hurries Kara through countries, circumstances are made tenser by the appearances of time-traveling men, all set on wooing Kara. The height of the action occurs in Florence, where they both must make a decisions about their loyalty, their hearts, and their fate.