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Read the World This Summer

Hey, kids and teens! What are you doing this summer? Keeping your reading eye sharp and roaming the globe, we hope. Our Read the World Summer Program can help with that. Just come into Island Books throughout the summer to buy books and we’ll reward you with a free bonus book in the fall.

Here’s how it works (it’s simpler than it sounds):

  • Pick up a Read the World passport at Island Books.
  • Once school gets out, come into the store to buy a book from our kids and teens section. Get your passport stamped when you do.
  • Read one book every week until school starts again. That’s ten books in total.
  • Spread your purchases out. We know you take vacations and stuff, but we miss you when you’re gone! Pay us at least five visits during different weeks of the summer for your purchases to qualify.
  • When your card is full, you get a free book! We’ll figure out the average price for everything you’ve bought and credit you that amount.

We have great recommendations for stories about places near and far, whatever your reading level ... continued