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Reading Resolutions

For the last few years around December or January, James and I have fallen in the habit of reviewing our personal reading lists. Sometimes I blog about mine, sometimes he blogs about his. This year, we decided to discuss our 2017 reading together. Whether your tastes align with James, mine, or neither, we’d love for you to join in with your year-end recaps. Read on for ours and respond below or on Facebook/Twitter, whatever suits you.

Miriam: Okay James, let’s take a look. As I’ve done in previous years, I kept my reading list to books I read with my full attention, from first to last page. I omitted the books I skimmed or quit after 50 pages and only counted titles I read like a layperson, for my own curiosity and pleasure and not out of obligation (although I always include our Island Books Open Book Club titles, since I’m the one who picks them).  After reviewing my list, it looks like I read a grand total of 31 books in 2017. That’s down from 37 in 2016, and only 4 books were by male authors and there were only 5 works of nonfiction, all memoirs. I’m sure you read at least double what I did, since pregnancy, a new baby, and three other kids made reading a major challenge this past year. My top reading resolution is to read at least 50 books in 2018. So tell me what your 2017 reading life looked like. And what are your goals for the coming year? ... continued