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#ReadingBlackout Recommendations

Are you participating in the #ReadingBlackout for Black History Month? Even if you’re not, take a moment to consider picking up at least one book by an African American author this February. The hashtag comes from BookTuber Denise D. Cooper, who committed herself to reading only black authors for a full year.

Black History Month seems particularly important this year, considering the current political and social climate. Black history is for people of all skin colors, and even if you think it isn’t about white people, it is. Now more than ever we should reflect on how we can take the lessons of the past and commit to more compassion and fairness in our immediate surroundings. If we want to reinforce the inherent value of all people, we need to remind ourselves how and why we can and should do things better going forward.

Lillian made a list of Kids books for Black History Month for our February newsletter, filled with examples for our kids of how to fight injustice. These books can be the gateway to many important conversations at home. But giving our kids books about diversity isn’t enough. We should model it ourselves and the #ReadingBlackout is a good opportunity. 

Here are four books you can use to push the white authors to the back of your pile this month ... continued