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Share Your Story: A Contest

More than one person approached us last week, wondering if it wasn’t time for us to sponsor a short story contest. Yes, we thought, that’s a thing we do. How long has it been? Six months? Eighteen months?

Come to find out, it’s been 48. We’re a mite overdue. So we hereby announce the opening of our Quadrennial Short Story Contest. What do you need to know to enter? Not much. Here’s the short version:

  • There are prizes!
  • The deadline is March 12, 2017.
  • Stories should be 1000 words or fewer.

Same basic deal as last time around. If you want to read the winning entries from that contest, you can hop over to the blog post that announced them. Well worth doing, we think. Oh, there is one new wrinkle: we have a celebrity judge! Mark Holtzen, author of the bestselling picture book A Ticket to the Pennant and the middle-grade novel The Pig War, will be sifting through the submissions and making the ultimate decision. So you can bribe us all you like, but the process will remain corruption-free.

If you want further details ... continued