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She Persisted

I’ve missed you, Island Books customers and staff. After eight weeks on bedrest and the arrival of my fourth child, I’m finally getting back to work. Having four kids all under the age of five is empowering and exhausting. If my husband and I can survive the child witching hour leading up to bedtime, we consider the day a success. 

Over the past few months, often the only way to calm the bigger kids down was to let them watch a video on the phone. Screen time always makes me feel like a failure, but survival is what it often comes down to and there have been many nights when watching an episode of the National Geographic Making Stuff series was the only way everyone would agree to brush their teeth. 

Now that we’re settling into a new normal, we are letting go of videos and getting back into the groove of a longer story time before lights out. One of the titles I recently brought home from the store was She Persisted by Chelsea Clinton. A year ago I wrote about Clinton’s last book for kids, It’s Your World, and She Persisted is a logical next step. Inspiring and motivating kids is a driving force in her work. Obviously the new title is a reference to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s recent explosive comment about Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren, as she was reading a letter from Coretta Scott King about Jeff Sessions’ unflattering civil rights record. Who better to write this kind of book than Chelsea Clinton? She has the perfect author platform ... continued