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Short Short Story Contest: Kid Winner

The children's category of our short short story contest was our favorite one to judge. It's really true that there's no matching a kid for sheer imagination. Every story was charming in its own way, and the collection proved what a wise, precocious group of young people frequent our store. We can't wait to see what they come up with as they grow. Before we introduce our winner, we'll bestow honorable mentions on:

  • Caitlyn Barber (age 10)
  • Gannon Forsber (age 11)
  • Anders Larson (age 8)

Congratulations to the winner of a $50 Island Books gift certificate, and please enjoy:


Once there was a hat. However this was a quite naughty hat. In fact, it kept flying away.

So there was a man then a hat came on his head. Then the man said, "What a fine hat. What a perfect hat." And with that he set off. But then a huge gust of wind came and knocked the hat off the man's head. The hat skidded across the sky with a tip tap and flew off.

Then came a ladybug with a pat pat pat. Then out of nowhere a hat flew on top of her. The ladybug said, "What a perfect shelter." But out of nowhere the hat flew off.

Then came panda who said, "What a fine bowl. What a perfect bowl!" Then panda put bamboo in the hat. But then another wind carried it to the jungle and set it down in the river by where a monkey was sitting. He said, "What a fine boat. What a perfect boat."

Then once again the big gust of wind carried it to the tree where bird was having a hard time with her nest. Then she saw the hat and said, "What a fine nest, what a perfect nest."

Then once again the big gust of wind carried it to the man and he placed it on his head. He said, "What a fine hat. What a perfect hat . . . ."

The End