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Spoiler Alert

My instinct tells me to keep it to myself, but I’m going to let you know up front what this is all about: spoilers. Lately everybody’s social media feeds have been filled with two kinds of comments, either “OMG, I just saw Infinity War—how soon can I talk about it?” or “I won’t be seeing Infinity War until this weekend—don’t spoil it for me!” We see these posts every time a movie with any kind of significant plot twist gets released, but they were rampant for this one. First, because this is a hugely popular franchise and second, because the revelations are many and major. I don’t follow the superhero genre very closely, but from the posters I gather that Hulk and Thor get married and become parents to a green-skinned girl and a smirking white dude played by Chris Pratt. Or something like that.

I’m really thinking of spoilers not because of the Avengers but because of a book that I recently read and loved by the Welsh writer Cynan Jones ... [W]hen I was offered a pre-publication peek at his latest novel, Cove, I snatched it immediately. The galley lacked cover art and jacket copy, so I plunged in cold. I was immediately transported onto the water, floating by the side of a lone kayaker enjoying a recreational day of fishing in the sun. Simple stuff, but as always with Jones, incredibly vivid and immersive. And then … something happened ... continued