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Two Great Books: A Blog Post in Search of a Theme

As regular readers know, I like to set a hook in these blog posts, to pretend I’m writing about important issues of the day when I’m really blathering about books I like. Today, though, no pretense—just blather and books. Good blather, hopefully, and a couple of great books.

The first is by Stephen Greenblatt ... In The Rise and Fall of Adam and Eve [he has] produced another page-turner out of unlikely academic material ...

Greenblatt’s isn’t the only recent release that has me wanting to quote it at length. Solar Bones is a novel by Irish writer Mike McCormack that was longlisted for this year’s Man Booker Prize, but it first came to my attention a bit earlier when it won the Goldsmiths Prize, given each year “to celebrate the qualities of creative daring … and to reward fiction that breaks the mold or extends the possibilities of the novel form.” I read the UK edition months ago and have been itching ever since to be able to share it with American readers ... continued