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What Are the Writers Reading?

Every Saturday I receive an email from that points me towards a dozen or so compelling literature/author/publishing-related articles. If you like our blog, you’ll go down a real rabbit hole on their website. Last week I took great pleasure in a story from Atlas Obscura called A Peek at Famous Readers’ Borrowing Records From a Private New York LibraryWho knew they had chronicled the reading habits of writers like Roald Dahl, Herman Melville, and Malcolm Cowley?

Then I started to wonder, what are the contemporary authors reading? A search on Twitter reveals a great deal. The first thing I noticed is that many popular authors tweet only about their own books, which is standard industry practice and a nice way to keep fans in the loop about new editions, author appearances, and awards. Many of them also tweet about politics. But a few of them spend time sharing their own reading behaviors, and those tweets can be interesting. Most (not all) authors read books similar to what they write, so it’s safe to say if you like their books you’ll like the ones they recommend. 

So today you don’t have to take my word for it on book suggestions. I’m pointing you towards some of the authors that are popular among the Island Books staff and customers ... continued