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What to Read Now

At this time each year there’s always a great slate of books to talk about. For example, early January is when the list of PNBA Book Award winners is released. This year’s lineup is stellar, as always--[a] little something there for every reader, and any one of those books is worth a blog post all its own, I promise ...

This was also the week that the finalists for the National Book Critics Circle Awards were announced. The consortium of professional reviewers gives prizes for the previous year’s best fiction, biography, autobiography, criticism, general non-fiction, and poetry, so there are 30 finalists in all ... You could work your way through every book on the NBCC list without finding a dud, and you’d probably finish right on time for next year’s announcement. If this were any other January, I’d be spending my time convincing you to do just that.

It’s not an ordinary January, though, and there are other books I feel pressed to share: continued