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Wild World: Books & Where to Read Them

A few weeks ago we came into possession of a spare copy of a beautiful book called Wild World, courtesy of travel publisher Lonely Planet. You won’t find (well, we haven’t) a more stunning photographic collection of landscapes and other natural phenomena, and thanks to LP’s generosity, we were able to offer it as a raffle prize to our customers. The randomly-selected winner was Rachel Feng, who couldn’t have been more excited to be chosen–her delight was worth everything that went into the raffle and then some.

But after she left with her book we realized we were sitting on a prize of our own. We’d hung a world map at the front counter and asked entrants to mark it with a sticker indicating “the most interesting place” they’d ever been. They also wrote the name of the place on their entry forms along with the title of a book they thought would be good to read on a visit there. We looked at the star-spangled map, sifted through the pile of submissions, and behold–there was a fantastic travel itinerary and a reading list to go along with it ... continued