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Young Adult Novels are for Adults too

In July of 2018, I read about fifteen Young Adult (YA) books. I consumed them. Whether on audio, from the library, or the advanced copies from the store, I could not get enough. This was a new development. In high school I read some, mostly Cassandra Clare or Libba Bray, but I was too overwhelmed by my school reading, summer reading, and even winter break reading to read for fun. After my English degree, there was a scheduled reading void. No longer was I told what I “should” be reading. Instead, YA opened its arms to me like a big hug. It was an escape into my emotions and away from my brain through accessible characters with vibrant voices.









It’s my opinion (hence the post written by me) that more adults should read YA novels. The book that really kick started this blog post is Internment ... continued